2011Sketching in Hardware - Presentations

The following is a list of presenters, and presentations at Sketching in Hardware 2011, in the order that they were presented.

Mike Kuniavsky Intro personal site ThingM
Leah Buechley Improvement? and Sideways Invention: Alternative Technology Narratives MIT Media Lab - High-Low tech group PDF : 5.4M
Zach Eveland Fabrickit and Pcomp Aesthetics Blacklabel Development PDF : 2.7M
Greg Schomerg and Justin Bakse Recent work and lessons learned. Brand New School PDF : 23M
Windell Oskay Microcontroller Projects at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories Evil Mad Scientist PDF : 9M
Vlad Trifa Building the Web of Things: frameworks and tools for fast prototyping Web-based physical mashups Web of Things PDF : 3.8M
Joshua Walton Environmental Choreographer BETA RELEASE Rockwell Group PDF : 4.2M
Jie Qi CoMining electronics with paper MIT Media Lab - High-Low tech group PDF : 35MPPTX : 51M
Carla Diana Making objects expressive with dynamic behaviors Smart Design Worldwide PDF : 62M
Jennifer Rode and Alan Black The Smart Closet 2011 Drexel University (Jennifer) Drexel (Alan) PDF : 2.5MPPTX : 7.6M
Nathan Seidle Where transparency ends Sparkfun Elecronics PDF : 225KPPTX : 3.9M
Michael Shiloh There's an API for that Teach Me to Make HTML
Zak Homuth Hardware Collaboration upverter.com UpVerter PDF : 4.2M
Carlyn Maw BYO Hackerspace - link to CRASH Space personal site Crash Space LA PDF : 3.3M
Amon Millner and Ed Baafi M-powerment: Motivating the Masses to Make with Modkit ModKit PDF : 9.3MPPTX : 9.2M
Jeff Hoefs Practice Teaching & Frameworks personal site Rockwell Group PDF : 4.4M
Kazuhiro Jo Laser Cooking: a state-of-the-art personal siteTokyo University of the Arts PDF : 3M
Bjoern Hartmann Sketching for Science! personal site, UC Berkeley PDF : 14.6M
Nicolai Marquardt Inspired by Edison: Paper-pencil Sketching alongside Sketching in Hardware personal site University of Calgary
Ranjit Bhatnagar What does "DIY" mean when you depend on a massive global industry for your raw materials? Moon Milk
Katherine Moriwaki Playing in the Scrapyard: The Value of Recycling and the Re-use of Discarded and Found Objects personal site Parsons PDF : 14.5MKeynote :32.6M
Ed Bennett Project Cabrini Green School of the Art Institute of Chicago
André Knörig Building a sustainable ecosystem around Fritzing Fritzing PDF : 2.7M
Pamela Jennings Help Wanted... how to transform a great project into an awesome product... personal site National Science Foundation PDF : 1.5M
Camille Moussette Extreme Interactions personal site Umeå Institute of Design PDF : 22.6M
Vincent LeClerc Multiplicity & Emergence: An individual computational object can only do so much. Eski Studio
Shigeru Kobayashi Re-inventions and Improvements on Toolkits and Workshops International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences PDF : 410.2MPDF (with notes) : 10.3M
Jan Borchers Personal Fabrication for HCI and HCI for Personal Fabrication Aachen University PDF : 15MKeynote : 297.2M
Rob Faludi Liking the Guests personal site School of Visual Arts PDF : 3.6MSlideshare presentation with audio
Adam Meyer An experiment in modular electronics documentation Tellart bildr PDF : 9MKeynote : 59.3M
Alicia Gibb and Ayah Bdeir State of the [Open Source Hardware] Union personal site (Alicia) personal site (Ayah) Open Hardware Summit
David A. Mellis Digital Fabrication of Consumer Electronics: Case Studies & Modes of Production personal site MIT Media Lab - High-Low tech group PDF : 5.7MKeynote : 18.1M
Brandon Stafford Eliminating barriers that keep normal people from connecting weird stuff to the internet Rascal Micro PDF : 1.4M
Kipp Bradford Happy Birthday KippKitts (Mechatronic Sketching) KippKItts Brown University PDF : 1.7MKeynote : 27.8M
Tod Kurt Cheap Wireless for the Cheapie Cheapskate using IR personal site, ThingM PDF : 3.6M
Haiyan Zhang Open Innovation as a model for invention - OpenIDEO personal site IDEO Blog
David Vondle Connecting Open Hardware to Its Source IDEO PDF : 16.2MKeynote : 37M
James Tichenor Programming Programs to Program Programs Rockwell Group PDF : 3.7MKeynote : 27.8M